Lirica (Language Learning with Music)


Choose music from current Latin Superstars like Nicky Jam or Classic Artists like Elvis Crespo and learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar through their songs.

There are so many reasons why using music is a fantastic way to learn:

– Songs are memorable (we’ve all had lyrics stuck in our heads for days!)
– Music is engaging, we choose to let it form the soundtracks to our lives
– Songs are windows into culture

Key Features:

– Spanish speaking music videos with the lyrics translated by expert linguists
– Curated lessons focused on the key grammatical themes in the song
– Fun listening and translation games played to the pace of the songs.

Lirica for iOS

Lirica for Android


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Jam for iPhone can turn anyone into a rock star with their own virtual band. Sing anything into your phone and Jam will turn it into an original musical Masterpiece, regardless of your musical ability.

Simply select a musical style and tempo then hit record. Jam detects the incoming vocal pitch, musical key and song structure, then it auto-tunes the vocal and produces original backing music to suit. The result is awesome!

The only downside is that is currently not supported by iPads, so only users with iPhones can benefit from it. Also, for a variety of tunes to be available for your recordings, you will be asked to pay.

Jam for iPhone download



Say something. AutoRap turns your speech into rap. Choose from 100+ beats from artists like Drake, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg and let AutoRap transform your words into a lyrical masterpiece! You may share your rap song and even go viral!

Like almost any free app, there are some catches. There are only two free tracks (one that changes occasionally).

AutoRap for iOS

AutoRap for Android


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Just speak into your device, and Songify will magically turn your speech into a song.

With Songify, you simply speak a few words into the app and it will auto-tune your voice and add a funky beat behind it. To do this you just press the big button in the center of the screen then speak into your phone. Then, within a few seconds, your song will be played back to you.

There are four different beats to choose from in Songify. You will need to pay to get new beats for your collection.

Songify for iOS

Songify for Android 


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Voloco is a real-time voice-processing app that combines automatic tuning, pitch-shifting, and vocoding. Pick a song from your library to sing or hum along to, and Voloco will automatically guess the key of the song and pitch correct your voice to that key.

As with all the other apps above, there are extra functionalities you will be asked to pay for.

Voloco for iOS

Voloco for Android


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For really brave students, who also like composing their own tunes, Medly lets you create deeply customisable songs with simple gestures: draw a line to add notes, tap to delete, pinch to see the whole track, and more. A variety of instruments help transform each sound, while modifiable mixers and effects ensure limitless ways to fine-tune your creations

Medly for iOS


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