Let’s get started! Get students to learn and memorise the Spanish subject pronouns whilst they do the actions.

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Or alternatively, use this one. Cristiano Ronaldo is really good at teaching subject pronouns too!

gramma 2

Now introduce the various tenses. I recommend you only move to another tense once students are really confident. My advice is that you get the mini whiteboards out and drill this for as many times as needed.

Present tense

gramma 3

gramma 4

gramma 5

gramma 6

gramma 7

gramma 8

Preterite tense

gramma 9

gramm 11

gramma 12


Imperfect tense

gramma 14

gramma 15

grammar 16


Near future tense

grammar 18

grammar 19

Off to dance now! First of all, choose a very catchy tune to get students moving. Any instrumental aerobics or techno/dance songs on YouTube would be great.

gramma 20

Introduce the idea of tenses with direction. Rewind means past tense, pause means present and fast-forward means future.

Students will always start in the present tense moving their legs up and down on the spot. The start of this video illustrates very well the idea:

gramma 21

As they do so, they will need to pay attention to the verb ending on the board. In this particular case, they will point at themselves with their thumb.

gramma 23

Now students will take 2 steps forward to indicate they are in the future. This will need to be accompanied by the pronoun action for we (nosotros).

gramma 22

Back to present now!

gramma 25

Past tense now!

As your group increases in confidence, you may want to withdraw the visual support of the symbols at the top of the slides.

Click below to download the Powerpoint version:

Grammaerobics_MFL Music Mania

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